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Apply for Admission

A. Admissions Policy and Procedures:

All students are considered for acceptance to CEL, provided they have a real need for ESL training. To apply, prospective students should first speak with one of CEL’s administrators in order to determine whether CEL’s programs meets their needs. The admissions process differs among 3 categories of students: Initial F-1, Transfer-In F-1, and Non F-1.

All F1 Students:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unfortunately, we are not accepting F-1 students at this time. We hope to begin accepting F-1 students again in the winter of 2016–2017.

Visitors, Local Residents (Work Visa Holders, U.S. Permanent Residents (LPR), and U.S. Citizens (Non-F1)

To be admitted to CEL, all non F-1 students must present a photo ID or some form of identification at the time of registration such as a Passport, U.S. birth certificate, permanent Residency Card, etc. In addition they must submit CEL’s application form, sign the enrollment agreement, pay the registration fee of $50.00, and take the placement test. The placement test is used to determine in which level a new student should begin.

A. Application Forms for Non-F1 Students:

The application form to use depends on your status. To apply to CEL, please fill out the correct form:

B. Tutoring:

Private tutoring is available, depending on the instructors’ schedules. The cost is $50.00 per hour.

C. New Student Orientation:

The first Wednesday of each session, all students will join in the auditorium at 11:00 am for the new student orientation. During this time, instructors will introduce themselves and their new students. The ESL Program Director will go over important information (such as the attendance policy, classroom rules, copyright policy, internet usage policy, etc.) and make announcements.

2016 Session - Start & End Dates


Jan. 11 - Feb. 5


Feb. 8 - Mar. 4


Mar 7 - Apr. 1


Apr. 4 - Apr. 29


May 2 - May 27


May 30 - June 24


June 27 - July 22


Aug. 1 - Aug. 26


Aug. 29 - Sept. 23


Sept. 26 - Oct. 21


Oct. 24 - Nov. 18


Nov. 21 - Dec. 16


School Closings (2016)

CEL will not have class the following days:

Memorial Day: May 30

Independence Day: July 4

Summer Break: July 25-29

Labor Day: September 5

Thanksgiving: November 24

Winter Break: December 19-January 2


Tuition Payment, Cancellation, and Refund Policies


A. Payment Policy:

Students assume the responsibility for payment of the tuition costs and fees each session.

B. Student Enrollment Agreement:

All students must sign a completed enrollment agreement which lists the student’s status, current U.S. address, contact information (telephone number and email address), class level, starting date, and the initial amount of weeks/hours for which they are registering. The administrator then must provide all the costs of the program and explain CEL’s refund/cancellation policy, and any other relevant information. The student must sign the enrollment agreement before any money is accepted by CEL.

C. Tuition Payment Methods:

CEL accepts payment for tuition and other fees through cash payment, Cashier’s Check, Money Order, or personal or company check (not a thirty party check). Debit and credit cards are accepted as well, but students are encouraged to open a bank account. The DSO can help with this process. Payment for each session of class is due at the beginning of the session (no later than the first Thursday of the new session).

D. Refund/Cancellation Policy:

Rejection and cancellation before the start of class:



If CEL cancels a class, all monies paid will be refunded in full, including the registration fee.



If a student accepted by CEL cancels before the start of classes or never attends the class, all monies paid will be refunded, less the registration fee.

E. Refund Procedure:



Students fill out a refund request form in the administration office.



Administrator reviews form and makes a copy of the student’s receipt and attaches it to the form. Then the administrator calculates the amount to be refunded based on CEL’s refund and cancellation policy.



Once the refund amount is calculated, administrator explains amount to the student and if the student understands and agrees on the refund amount, the student signs the form.



As stated on the refund form, the student is reminded that they will receive the refund within 30 days.



The refund form and copy of the receipt is turned into the CEL.



The CEL financial department writes a check from CEL to the student for the amount to be refunded.



The student is notified that their refund check is available for pick up.



Upon reception of the refund, the student signs and dates the refund form, confirming that they have received the refund in the correct amount.



The refund is recorded in the school’s financial journal which is given to the CPA at the end of each month.

F. Withdrawal or termination after the start of class:



Registration Fees are non-refundable



CEL is not obligated to give refunds to students who are terminated due to violations of CEL's written disciplinary or attendance policies, or violations of federal, state or local laws.



If a student enrolled for the 4 week period withdraws during: First session no tuition refund. Second session (second 4 weeks) - First week - 80% refund of unexpended tuition, prorated according to last day of class. Second session (second 4 weeks) - 72% refund of unexpended tuition, prorated according to last day of class attended. Third and Fourth week - no refund is possible, except in extenuating circumstances.

Refunds are made within 30 days from the date of the receipt of a refund request.

G. Notes on Tuition and Fees:

The school reserves the right to change tuition and fees and make curriculum changes when necessary without prior notice. Any changes in tuition or fees will not apply to students that are already enrolled at CEL.

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