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CEL Curriculum

CEL's intensive language programs promote the successful acquisition of seven critical English language skills:

  1. Grammar: Through participating in a variety of interpersonal and intrapersonal communication exercises and activities, students acquire a high level of language proficiency in both speaking and writing, using standard American English Grammar.
  2. Composition: At the beginning levels students obtain the knowledge to understand the basic concepts, word order, and sentence structure, in order to effectively create complete sentences and ultimately form a coherent paragraph. Upon completion of the advanced levels, students should not only be able to differentiate between different styles of essays but should be able to produce structured coherent essays, beginning with a thesis, followed by sound support and smooth transitions, and ending with a clear concise conclusion.
  3. Reading: Students are to cultivate critical reading skills through practical exposure to a variety of fictional and non-fictional literary texts covered throughout each course. Students should acquire the skills necessary to identify the main and supporting ideas, summarize and paraphrase information, differentiate between fact and opinion, compare and evaluate different points of view, hypothesize and predict future actions and results, and form logical conclusions and inferences.
  4. Vocabulary: Students will not only acquire basic everyday vocabulary, but will also learn the academic words necessary for college level students, idiomatic expressions, and common slang and colloquial expressions. Their vocabulary will not only be increased through memorization and application, but they will acquire the skills necessary to obtain meaning through context and inference.
  5. Listening: Listening comprehension is essential for the development of effective communication and conversation skills. Students will increase their listening comprehension through a variety of activities in order to be able to understand, summarize, and evaluate aural works and material.
  6. Speaking: Students should not only acquire the skills necessary to effectively communicate in daily casual life, from giving directions to seeking advice, but should also be able to give formal oral presentations, make clear speeches and arguments, and effectively debate current issues.
  7. Pronunciation: Students should be able to recognize and reproduce the correct American English pronunciation, as well as the common spoken American English including sound, stress, and intonation.


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