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達拉斯市中心的夜景 has a lot of America's best attractions and entertainment. For an evening out, a fun-filled weekend or a summer vacation, your plans start here. Browse Dallas museums, parks, zoos, performing arts centers, theatres and more.

達拉斯/福和市 (DFW) 環境 offers international students a greater perspective of the United States and its history than perhaps any place in America. Dallas is where the Old South of plantations and courtly manners ends while Fort Worth is where the Old West of ranches and cowboys and vivid sunsets begins. Although the two cities retain elements of their past, both are also well in the forefront of the 21st Century.

Dallas' Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
Fort Worth Skyline and River

美國航空中心 unique features single it out as one of the premier sports and entertainment venues in the country. 達拉斯牛 plays at the American Airlines Center in downtown Dallas. Led by NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas upset the Miami Heat to complete a stirring drive to the 2011 NBA crown.

Cowboys Stadium
American Airline Center
  Rangers Ballpark
Dallas Mavericks

達拉斯AT&T體育場 is the world's longest single-span roof structure. The retractable end zone doors, which open in 18 minutes, also are the world's largest. If you watch American football, you know that Cowboys Stadium just hosted Super Bowl XLV in February 2011. 德州遊騎兵職棒球場 is a fun place. The Rangers had always been an insignificant team in an even more insignificant division. Especially fireworks that go off after wins and home runs and is topped by iconic spinning pinwheels.

Cowboys Stadium
AT&T Stadium
  Rangers Ballpark
Rangers Ballpark

Dr Pepper 競技場 is located in Frisco just North of Dallas. Dr Pepper Arena is the home of the Texas Tornado hockey team of the North American Hockey League (NAHL). It also hosts various other events, including basketball games, hockey and gymnastics. Dr Pepper 達拉斯足球杯比賽 is the oldest of a growing number of international soccer tournaments hosted in the USA, and is widely regarded as one of the premier youth soccer tournaments held anywhere in the world. Dr Pepper Dallas Cup XXXIII will start during April 1 - April 8, 2012.

Dr Pepper Arena
Dr Pepper Arena
Dr Pepper Dallas Cup

Texas Motor Speedway is a speedway located in the northernmost portion of Fort Worth, providing thrills by hosting hundreds of events throughout the year, including two Nextel Cup NASCAR races and one IndyCar Series. For more information, visit Lone Star 賽馬場 is a 36,000-square-foot pavilion featuring quarter horse racing annually from April through July. Off-season simulcast races are presented on over 175 television monitors and video walls. The facilities include a large, supervised playground, restaurant, abundant parking and an outdoor patio. Special family events are often held on weekends.

Texas Motor Speedway
  Lone Star Parik
Lone Star Park

Byron Nelson 高爾夫球比賽 is a golf tournament on the PGA Tour. The tournament is held in late April / early May at the Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas in Irving, Texas. Fort Worth Stock Show Bull Riding is that competitors ride full-grown bulls who don't want them on their backs. The bulls buck and twist and turn and the cowboy has only a strap to hold onto with one hand -- the other hand must not touch anything but air. The ride must last eight seconds and judges award points based on the rider's skill and the bull's difficulty.

Byron Nelson Golf Tournament
Fort Worth Stock Show Bull Riding

六旗主題公園 is located in Arlington, midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, in the heart of the Arlington Entertainment District, an area that also includes 六旗颶風水上樂園, the largest water park in the Southwest. Six Flags has more than 100 exciting rides, attractions and shows including: the SpongeBob™ SquarePants 4-D motion simulator ride; Titan, a steel roller coaster reaching speeds up to 85 mph as the trains zip through spirals, plunges, helixes and a 120-foot-long tunnel; MR. FREEZE, which thrills riders in forward and reverse; and the 14-story Texas Giant coaster.

Six Flags Over Texas
  Hurricane Harbor
Hurricane Harbor

Fort Worth Stockyards From the end of the Civil War to the 1950s, the livestock industry was big business for both Fort Worth and Texas. Cowboys, cattlemen, and businessmen of all types made their way to the Fort Worth Stockyards. Today, this national historic district boasts a wide variety of attractions, shops, restaurants, and entertainment opportunities. For more information, visit The Bass Performance Hall is a new $65 million concert hall that is home to the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra.

Fort Worth Stockyards
Bass Performance Hall

福和市植物園 offer more than 2,100 acres of trails and garden exhibits in one of the oldest and largest natural settings in North Texas. 日本庭園, a popular attraction among visitors, is tranquil and perfect for relaxation or contemplation. Special events abound throughout the year, such as the annual spring butterflies in the garden, with more than 6,000 butterflies adding color to the already magnificent setting.

Botanic Garden
Japanese Garden

Verizon 音樂會場地 is located in Grand Prairie near Dallas. It is an large indoor entertainment venue. The venue has formerly gone by the names "NextStage" and "Nokia Theater at Grand Prairie" before being rebranded to the current "Verizon Theatre” name in early 2010. Grapevine 蒸氣火車 travels along the historic Cotton Belt Route between Grapevine and the Fort Worth Stockyards. The Railroad is serviced by two vintage locomotives - "Puffy" the 1896 steam locomotive, which is the oldest continuously operating steam engine in the South, and a 1953 GP-7 diesel locomotive. Passengers enjoy riding in authentic 1920s and 1930s Victorian-style coaches as they take a step back in time and experience train travel as it was in the glory days of the expanding west.

Verizon TheatreVerizon Theatre
Grapevine Vintage Railroad

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