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Mission Statement:


The mission of Center of English Language (CEL) is to provide high quality instruction in English as a Second Language (ESL) and orientation in US culture to students who are non-native speakers of English. CEL is committed to helping students acquire language proficiency and independent learning strategies in order to become successful participants in the Center of English Language community. Our student-centered curriculum is designed to educate students both linguistically and culturally in order for students to successfully transition to U.S. colleges and universities.


  1. The Center of English Language’s primary and foremost goal is to provide the best possible instruction of English to local and international students in order to help them achieve their educational, professional and career goals.
  2. Provide an intensive English program that is educationally sound, up-to-date, of high quality, and to encourage students, as citizens of the world, to lean to respect and gain appreciation for countries and a better understanding of the world through interaction with peers.
  3. Non-native speakers of English planning to enter the colleges and universities in the United States must earn a proficient score on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The CEL program is designed to train and develop students to gain the proficiency level in English that would enable them to score well on the TOEFL exam.

In addition CEL strives to:

  1. Provide students with the cultural knowledge and awareness necessary to transition from life and study in their own countries to the United States.
  2. Providing student support and administrative service of the highest quality.
  3. Adhere to highest standards of English language instruction by attracting talented and experienced faculty members.
  4. Serve as a resource for international education to the faculty, staff, and students of the Center of English Language.
  5. Develop and intellectual atmosphere in which professional development is supported, valued, and pursued by all faculty and staff.
  6. Assist international students with housing accommodations, driver license, insurance, and or any other needs within CEL’s reach and ability.


CEL Philosophy and Objectives:

CEL’s programs aim to teach beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of English as a Foreign Language in a student-centered, interactive classroom environment.

Our ESL curriculum starts at the beginning levels and extends through college preparation classes for TOEFL (the Test of English as a Foreign Language), which is required by many colleges and universities in the United States for admission to degree-granting programs.

Permanent residents in the United States, who require English language proficiency, in order to enhance life skills and/or to utilize previously acquired knowledge, training, or skills in the workplace may also participate in our ESL program.


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